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Season of Creation Promoters Meeting, Sept.18, 2019

Labyrinth Walk Reflection by ICWG   Booklet   Video  

Water Reflections by ICWG

For the Concretization of Human and Nature Rights to Water

Earth Day slideshow (PPT)


Conference for Religious on Fossil Fuel Divestment (Febuary2019)

Catholic Divestment from Fossil Fuels

Reflections on Climate Change by Sean McDonagh, SSC, Dec. 2014

Responding to Climate Change (FSC and Fairtrade)

Climate Change and Agriculture

What is Happening in the Artic will Affect Us All

The Significance of Tibet in the Climate Change Debate

Climate Change and the Ocean

Enjoy Christmas

Catholic Bishops’ Statement in Lima on the Road to Paris 

Declaración de los Obispos Católicos en Lima, en Camino a Paris 


Reflections on COP 20 by Sean McDonagh, SSC, December 2014

The Challenges Facing COP 20

Should We Be Aiming at 1.5 degree Celsius Average Rise in Global Temperature?

UNEP Adaptation Gap Report

Marching for Climate Justice

Peru Religions and Climate Change


Columban Statement on Climate Change 


Earth Missed a Potentially Catastrophic Solar Superstorm by a Hair’s Breath by Fr. Seán McDonagh, SSC

UN Climate Summit in New York September 23, 2014. Fr. Seán McDonagh, SSC

The Holy See at the United Nations on Climate Change


A series of resource materials compiled by Sheila Kinsey, FCJM

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2007-2008 International Survey Report: Integrity of Creation among Religious 

By JPIC Commission 

An ecology booklet

By the Franciscans (OFM), 2009

An Irish pastoral letter on climate change, December 2009


Benedict XVI’s New Year Message 2010: ‘If you want to cultivate Peace, protect Creation’

Creation at the Heart of Mission – SEDOS/JPIC in Assisi May 2009


Environmental education plan for sustainable development (MEL Bulletin 46) by José Martín Montoya Durà, FSC, 51 pages


Environmental Justice Atlas


Earth Community Booklet 


Information desk at May 2010 UISG Meeting of General Superiors


Joint Civil Societies Organizations Letter to EU Parliament re Biofuels



UN International Year of Forests, March 21


Special Prayer for World Environment Day, June 5, 2013 (English)

Día Mundial del Medioambiente, Oración, junio 5 (Spanish)

Journee mondiale de l' environnement, 5 juin 2013 (French)

Dia mundial do meio ambiente, Oração, 5 junho (Portuguese)

Giornata mondiale dell'ambiente, preghiera per il 5 giugno (Italian)


Reference to the output from congregational attendance at the COP15 (Copenhagen Climate Conference), 12/09


World Watch Institute




The Situation of the Mining Industry in the Phiippines


Coltan (PPT in French)


A See, Judge, Act Reflection on THE IMPACTS OF MINING (English)   (French)   (Spanish)    (Italian)   (Indonesian)   (Portuguese)

By the Integrity of Creation Working Group, JPIC Commission, USG-UISG


This booklet is intended to serve as a general introduction to understanding the impact of mining industries on the community and the environment. Using the Pastoral Cycle or the See-Judge-Act Process model, the booklet provides an overview of some features of mining industries, as seen through the lens of equity; presents theological, scriptural and ethical reflections; and offers practical suggestions for changing personal and communal behavior, which include ways of working for appropriate national and international legal frameworks, and implementation to ensure a sustainable future for the Earth Community. The booklet also suggests resources, experiences and prayers, including questions for you and your community.


A Survey on the Impacts of Mining 

Circulated in four languages to create an international network of support that strengthens the relationships between advocates and persons at the grassroots working on mining issues. From the survey, ICWG has developed a data base of 257 congregational and affiliated organizations working on the “Impacts of Mining”. This work has also been a collaborative effort with the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace. Members have participated in the preparation and realization of a reflection day for leaders in the mining industry. The data from the survey results is being shared appropriately. A grant has been received to help with this work. 



A rights-based approach to resource extraction in the pursuit of sustainable development: Advocacy brief

By Mining Working Group at the UN


A Guide to Rights-Based Advocacy: International Human Rights Law and Fracking

By Mercy Global Concern


The language of overlapping consensus: a discussion, prepared by R. Anthony Hodge, March 30, 2014




Indonesia: Program on Empowering People and Advocacy for Better and Sustainable Livelihood Against Mining Industries in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara. Implemented by JPIC-SVD Ruteng, October 2012–December 2014


Plan para el cuidado del medio ambiente

por Miguel Cordova OMI, Nov. 2012

Putting Ourselves in Their Shoes: The Dialogue Table of Tinaya (video in English and Spanish) Mesa de diálogo

‘Putting Ourselves in Their Shoes’ tells of the rising resentments among community members to the operations of Tintaya mine through the course of its government ownership and subsequent privatization, and the way these came to a head when ownership passed to BHP Billiton. It relates the process by which non-governmental organisations such as Oxfam Australia, Oxfam America, CooperAccion and Corecami entered the picture, and the important roles they played in helping give birth to the process and/or supporting the communities’ ability to engage effectively. It relays the concerns of communities and their leaders, the pressures on the company at the time, and how ultimately, all parties agreed upon the creation of a “Dialogue Table” that identified key issues, principles and ground rules for an ongoing dialogue process that continues to this day. It conveys setbacks for both communities and company in the process, and the ultimate achievement of meaningful and sustainable outcomes.


Pope Francis' Greeting to Mining Industry Representatives, Sept. 7, 2013


Special Prayer for World Environment Day, June 5, 2015 (English)

Día Mundial del Medioambiente, Oración, junio 5 (Spanish)

Journee mondiale de l' environnement, 5 juin 2015 (French)

Dia mundial do meio ambiente, Oração, 5 junho (Portuguese)

Giornata mondiale dell'ambiente, preghiera per il 5 giugno (Italian)


Bridging the Language of Mining, Sustainability and the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church,  June 30, 2014

Prepared by R. Anthony Hodge



Desnudan al sector minero en Honduras: conflictivo y de modesto aporte

Los territorios, la mineria y nosotras: las mujeres nos preguntamos. Guía de trabajo

Por Rosa Bermúdez, Tatiana Roa, Karol Zambrano

La actividad de las grandes empresas extractivas mineras ha despojado a las mujeres de sus tierras y les ha dejado la contaminación de los suelos, los ríos, el aire y el entorno. Ha agredido su territorio cuerpo y su territorio social. Por supuesto, no sólo a ellas les ha ocurrido, pero es necesario referirse a los impactos sobre sus vidas, porque ellas son corazón de los territorios. Uno de los impactos de la industria minera es la desvalorización del trabajo de las mujeres, cuando se pone en riesgo la soberanía, que ellas conducen, o cuando se rompen las posibilidades de la vida familiar y comunitaria.

En este libro, elaborado desde la mirada de las mujeres que habitan en los territorios vulnerables y vulnerados por la gran minería, se proponen interrogantes y ejercicios que constituyen guías temáticas y metodológicas para avanzar en el diagnóstico de los territorios. Se propone como un material de trabajo para utilizar en grupos y que sigue en construcción, como lo están las categorías, las propuestas y el conocimiento en materia de la relación mujer y minería.


Répercussions de l'exploitation minière dans les pays du Sud: bonnes pratiques de la Commission Justice et Paix Belgique francophone



International jury rules in favour of binding laws for transnational corporations