Digital Media for JPIC Promoters

The Challenge of Digital Communications (playlist of all webinars)

1st Session: Digital Communications and JPIC EN ES

2nd Session: Social Media and Visual Resources EN ES

3rd Session: Information and Communication Technologies for Development. Viviana Brun on ONG 2.0. Presented examples of the various ICt4D apps that are being developed for use to help with the needs in rural areas. Eduardo Mattei provided the background information to be aware of the complexity of the usage of technology in those developing areas.

4th Session: Jesús Colina shared the successful methods that he uses for ALETEIA. Digital platforms for fundraising require new competencies on user- based communications.

5th Session: Sr. Sheila, FCJM spoke on nonviolent communication in developing the Campaign Sowing Hope for the Planet—creating respect, practicing honesty, promoting justice and nurturing wholesome relationships. Jaybee Garganera of Alyansang Tigil Mina showed the reality of the conflicts in land use in the Philippines.


Engaging Laudato Si'

We commit ourselves to both personal and communal conversion and

We wish to move forward together in an orchestrated and coordinated response

In listening to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the Poor

As we go forth as instruments of hope in the heart of the world.—The vision adopted by the UISG Plenary in 2019 guides our engagement of Laudato Si’ 

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