Stations of the Cross 2021

School Sisters of Notre Dame

Stations of Creation Week 1 (002)
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Stations of Creation Week 2 (003)
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Stations of Creation Week 3 final (002)
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Stations of Creation Week 4
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Stations of Creation Week 5 print
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Andreas Göpfert

2021_JPIC_Stations of the Cross
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2021_JPIC_Stations of the cross_booklet
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2021_JPIC_Stations of the Cross smartpho
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Via CrucisFT2021 ES
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Engaging Laudato Si'

We commit ourselves to both personal and communal conversion and

We wish to move forward together in an orchestrated and coordinated response

In listening to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the Poor

As we go forth as instruments of hope in the heart of the world.—The vision adopted by the UISG Plenary in 2019 guides our engagement of Laudato Si’ 

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